Advertisement Alternatives

Tote Bag:

Total amount of 750 units.
Design: ETIF logo and your Company logo

  • 1| Alternative

    Your company logo shared only with ETIF logo (750 bags)

  • 2| Alternative

    Your company logo as sponsor with 6 other companies and ETIF.

  • 1| hanging Poster (for exhibitors only):

    Only on ETIF 2018 signage posters with one logo and web per double-sided poster

  • 2| Plasmas entrance to Auditoriums:
  • 3| Posters inside Auditoriums (for exhibitors only):

    Measurements: 1.20 x 0.60 mts. (max. 4 per auditorium). There will be 2 posters placed on one lateral wall and 2 on the facing wall.

  • 1| Moving light Logo:

    Exclusive or shared use

  • 2| E poster:

    At foot of screen

    Exclusive or shared use

  • 1| Ball pens:

    a) 750 units (pens will be placed inside portfolios given to Congress attendees)

    b) Will be given out with the Exhibitor's Catalogue to all visitors, free of charge.
    Minimum amount: 750 ball pens supplied by customer.

  • 2| Note Pads:

    A4 size note pad of 10 sheets, 90 gr. paper, print in one color (750 units).
    Design: ETIF logo + company logo at foot of pad (logos of max. 5 companies).

  • 3| Insert in portfolios:

    Insertion of 750 units of promotional articles or brochures.
    Your company to provide promotional articles or brochures to be inserted.

Business Presentations:

    In these conferences you may promote your company and/or products. You can invite those you are interested in listening to your conference.

  • 2| Technical Conference:

    These conferences must me strictly academic and its contents will be evaluated by the ETIF's Scientific Committee. Invitations provided will be limited to 10.

  • 1 page ad in the Exhibitor Catalogue (ETIF 2018 official program) distributed to all visitors free of charge.

  • Banners are featured in our entire website (home page and the rest) and are directly linked to your website.

    Characteristics: animated text up to 60 characters, 2 images of your products, company logo, link to your website.

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