congress 2018

congress etif 2018

Argentina positions itself as one of the leading countries in Latin America when it comes to the application of advanced technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry. For that reason it promotes and encourages the adoption of international norms, standards and best practices for the production, quality control and commercialization of its products.

Each edition of the event counts with distinguished professionals of vast experience in their respective fields lecturing in Conferences that enable the scientific update and circulation of the latest knowledge and technological advancements. Students and Professors also exhibit their scientific work through posters.

Promoting the generation of new knowledge, the exchange of information and the scientific research regarding a variety of topics is the objective of ETIF 2018, the most influencing Technical and Scientific Congress in Latin America.

Formed by professionals specialized in different areas, our Advisory Committee assesses and defines the main themes of interest for the segment, once again making the Congress the leading academic event of the region.