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ETIF 2014

ETIF 2014 took place from October 14th to 17th with great success. It was the 8th Edition of the most important Biannual Congress and Exhibition for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnological and Veterinary Industry in the country.

The event, of great importance for the 3 sectors, was sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and declared, once again, of National Interest by the Office of the General Secretary of the Presidency of Argentina, as published in the Official Bulletin. During these four days, hundreds of suppliers, traders, professionals and academics gathered at a meeting of an international nature. Attendees toured the institutional stands of more than 200 companies, and attended 100 hours of lectures, in the framework of the Eighth Scientific-Technical Congress.

The companies that displayed institutional stands came with the latest international technology from countries that are traditional suppliers of the Pharmaceutical Industry regarding equipment and services. Companies from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Britain, India, China and other nations were protagonists of this ETIF which gave attendees their perspective and solutions to their problems in the production area. Argentine companies who are historical suppliers of this industry were present with excellent products and competitive international prices.

Scientific-Technical Congress

The eighth Scientific-Technical Congress consisted of nearly 100 hours of lectures and presentations at various conferences. As in previous editions, ETIF 2014 was the space chosen by students, teachers, technicians and professionals for their training and updating on the most important topics for the segment. In other words, ETIF has been once more the meeting point, where professionals from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary industries choose for training and business.