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ETIF 2016

ETIF 2016, the most important biennial Congress and Exhibition in Latin America, brought together industry professionals who learned about the latest developments in pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic and veterinary production.

With more than 7900 visitors, both local and foreign, and more than 140 booths, in charge of leading companies in the sector. The massive presence of local visitors and the support of our Latin American colleagues, exceeded every expectation.

The Congress, on the other hand, had more than 70 hours of talks developed in 4 auditoriums, where specialized conferences in Scientific-Technical were developed.

There, renowned specialists in each area discussed the topics of greatest interest to the industry. As in previous editions, ETIF 2016 was the space chosen by students, teachers, technicians and professionals to obtain training and updates on the most relevant topics for the industry.

In the framework of the event, the 4th  Business Round for the Pharmaceutical Sector was also held.

It was convened by ETIF and the Undersecretary of Creative Economy and Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Modernization, Innovation and Technology of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, resulting in more than 40 meetings between Argentine and foreign producers and marketers and buyers from various interested countries. in acquiring different products or services.

Once again, ETIF was the meeting point for professionals, technicians, teachers and students interested in knowing and being part of the advances and innovations of the industry, thus forming a natural and spontaneous forum.

From the organization, we are very happy with the results obtained and the response of the people, both exhibitors  and visitors, as well as speakers and assistants.

We thank, once again, all those who trusted ETIF as a training and updating space in the most relevant topics of the industry.

We´ll be waiting for you at ETIF 2018.