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Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech Engineering | Stand 234

Dirección Postal: NO.201, New Jinqiao Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China
CP - Localidad - País: (201206) Pudong, CHINA
Teléfonos: +86-21-58716151 +8613916119950
Mail: fecharlene@163.com
Rubro: Ingeniería
Origen: CHINA
Año de fundación: 2005


  • Cleanroom facilities

    Salas limpias

  • Glass Bottle IV Solution Production Line

    Glass bottle IV solution production line is mainly used for IV solution glass bottle of 50ml~500ml cleaning, filling, stoppering, capping etc. It can be used for the production of glucose, antibiotic, amino acid, fat emulsion, nutrient solution and

  • Injectable Ampoule Production Line

    The compact line realizes single linkage, continuous operation from washing, sterilizing; filling and sealing. The whole production process realizes cleaning operation; protects products from contamination, meets the GMP production standard.

  • Multi-Effect Water Distiller

    1. This equipment is available in three types, i.e. full-automation, semi-automation and manual operation to meet the requirements of different users. 2. Water distillator with more than six effects needs not to add cooling water.

  • Non-PVC Soft Bag IV Solution Production Line

    FE Non-PVC soft bag IV solution production line is the latest production line with most advanced technology. It can automatically finish film feeding, printing, bag making, filling and sealing in one machine. This LVP FFS line can be used to automat

  • PP bottle IV solution production line

    XGF PP Bottle LVP Wash-Fill-Seal Machine has three sections, ionic air washing or ionic air plus water washing, constant pressure filling, and hot melting sealing.

  • Pure Steam Generator

    Pure Steam Generator

  • Purified Water Treatment Equipment

    1 RO+EDI, 2RO + EDI (purified water process characteristics) 1. Suitable for raw water salinity compared Height regions; 2. Product water conductivity is better; 3. One-time investment of less; 4. Lower operating costs; 5.Stability.

  • Syrup/Oral Liquid Production Line

    1. Compact structure,small occupying area. 2.Control system adopts photoelectric technology and PLC with color touch LCD screen , high automation,few operator.

  • Vacuum blood collection tube production equipment

    It adopts brand-new online aseptic assembly better improving the stability, reliability and process accuracy of vacuum blood collection tube equipment, ensuring the equipments run long-term and efficiently.

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