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Technophar Equipment & Service | Stand 423

What we do – Technophar manufactures the innovative softgel machinery you need to produce high-quality capsules. We design our capsule manufacturing equipment to optimize the entire softgel encapsulation process. Meeting growing product demand with increased output capacity, easy cleaning, and reduced downtime during changeovers. Our customers can enjoy reduced labour costs, fewer defective capsules, and greater machine longevity.

What we stand for - At Technophar we strive to provide every customer, no matter the size, with leading technology, unprecedented value and unmatched innovation.

What we offer – Softgel Machines, Softgel Drying Systems, Softgel Auxiliary Equipment, Spare Parts & Tooling, Turnkey Solutions, Pharmaceutical Equipment, and Exceptional Service.

Technophar has the solution for every organization. And thanks to our commitment to providing leading technology, unprecedented value and unmatched innovation, you can be sure your company is always getting the best and right machine for your needs.
It’s just another way Technophar gives you more.

Dirección Postal: 3293 St. Etienne Blvd.,
CP - Localidad - País: (N8W 5B1) Windsor, Ontario Canada, .
Teléfonos: 5199460800
Mail: luis.t@technophar.com
Rubro: Máquinas y Equipos
Origen: Canada
Año de fundación: 26 de Abril de 1965


  • Capsule Band Sealing Machine

    Technophar and Qualicaps® are the world’s most innovative manufacturers of two-piece capsule band sealing equipment. Our commercially proven technology uses a double band seal for durability, protection, and visibility.

  • Softgel Auxiliary Equipment

    Melters, Tanks, Polishers,

  • Softgel Drying Systems

    Tumble Dryers - TD5, TD8, TD10, TD24. CDS - Continuous Drying System. ILDS24 - Inline Drying System. LTD - SoftgelDrying Tunnel.

  • Softgel Machines - Lab Scale & Production

    SGL107, SGL207, SGM407, SGM607i, SGM610i, SGM612i, SGM812i

  • Softgel Tooling & Spare Parts

    Die Rolls, Wedges, Distributor Plates and Timing Gears.

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