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Zhangjiagang Ousirui Medical Technology Co. Ltd. | Stand 418

Zhangjiagang Ousirui Medical Technology Co., Ltd. es una compañía de alta tecnología proveedora de esterilizadores, sistemas tratamiento de agua y sistemas de dispensado de líquidos.

La actividad de la empresa incluye el diseño, la producción, la comercialización y el servicio de post venta. Provee soluciones de ingeniería para la industria biotecnológica, farmacéutica y otras.

Dirección Postal: No.2 Xindong Road Daxin Village, Daxin Town
CP - Localidad - País: (215600 ) Zhangjiagang Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China,
Teléfonos: 0086-15151560358
Mail: osr2008@szosr.com
Rubro: Ingeniería
Origen: China
Año de fundación: 2008


  • 01- Pulsation Vacuum Sterilizer

    Designed and manufactured according to national GMP specification of sterilization equipments. It is mainly used for the sterilization of articles, such as biological products, utensils, sterile gowns, medical appliances and medical dressings etc.

  • 02- Pure Steam Sterilizer

    Suitable for running in hundred-grade clean range and other high-standard site. Treatment of biological products, utensils, sterile gown, medical appliance, medical dressing and articles without heat source on the basis of moist heat sterilization.

  • 03- Sanitary grade pure steam sterilizer

    EU, GMP and FDA standards compliance. For treatment of biological products, utensils, sterile gown, medical appliance, medical dressing and other articles without heat source in hundred-grade clean range on the basis of moist heat sterilization.

  • 04- Leakage detection sterilizer of oral liquid and injection solution

    Mainly used for sterilization, leakage detection and cleaning of such preparations as ampoule, oral liquid and injection solution in penicillin bottle. The device conducts leakage detection with vacuum or vacuum plus colorful water.

  • 05- Water-bath Type Leakage Detection Sterilizer of Oral Liquid and Injection Solution

    It uses high temperature circulating water as sterilization medium. It is mainly used in water-bathing type sterilizing operation and leakage detection washing treatment of injection, oral liquid and other products. Temperature from 80 to 126℃.

  • 06- GFL Solid Prepararion Production Line

    The newly-designed interlocking production line of capsule and tablet give more consideration on the matching performance to each equipment the system consisted. It can be made according to customer requirement.

  • 07- GHL High speed Mixer Granulator

    It is a high efficiency equipment that can mix different powder materials and granulate granule in one procedure. It is wide used for pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry, etc.

  • 08- BGB High efficiency film coating machine

    It is mainly used for tablet, pellet, candy to carry out organic film coating, water soluble film coating, slow and control releasing coating, dropping pellet coating, sugar-coating and chocolate, pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry.

  • 09- FB Multi function R&D machine

    Fluid-bed and tablet coating in one machine, two modules use one inlet air handing unit, dust remover and control system, easy to change the control module from control system. Multi functions in one machine for Solid preparation R&D. Module layout.

  • 10- ZY High speed mixer granulating Pelleting R&D machine

    New designed patented R&D machine for ZY company. It’s the best solution for medicine solid preparation, mixing granulating, extruding granulating, centrifugal pelletizing, centrifugal granulating, tablet granules, pellets granules, capsule granules.

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